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We encourage you to consider multiple design firms during your searching process. It is important that you feel comfortable with the ability and competence of the design team you choose for your project. Helping you understand us may assist you in your search for a web design firm that best suites your needs. Whether you are from northern Indiana, South Jersey (where our offices are located) or from a different state altogether and don't mind conference calls; we hope to use our knowledge of the web to enhance your virtual reach.

McGlinchys began MM&D in 2006 and continue to run it alongside being a full time pastor

Nate & Becky McGlinchy

Nate and Becky began McGlinchy Media & Design, LLC in 2006. Today they run MM&D part time as they are currently church planting in Marlton, NJ. As well as being graphic artists, they are also musicians and had a touring band when they were younger. Nate & Becky have two little girls and currently live in Marlton, NJ.

What's Your Role?

Nate is the Project and Design Manager - which means he will be the first person you contact with a question. He is also the lead designer (most projects, the only designer) and SEO specialist. Becky is the lead photographer, SEO tech and office manager (which means she gets to run errands for Nate - who is writing this in third person of course).

The Kiefers joined MM&D in 2008 and continue to partner together to build quality websites

Dave & Laura Kiefer

Dave began working off and on in 2008 with MM&D and in 2009 he and Laura became partners in McGlinchy Media & Design, LLC. Dave is currently the IT Manager for ATC in Nappannee, Indiana during the day and MM&D programming master on evenings and weekends.

What's Your Role?

Dave's current role is web development and programming, database design and server management. With over 10 years of programming and development experience, Dave can take any project no matter how simple or how complex and offer implementable solutions.

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