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PHASE 2: Creative Web Design Services

Web Design Problem 1 - "It's All About Design"

Some Web Design companies put to much importance on the layout/design. They utilize programs like flash for the entire site. They have many bells and whistles, flying objects and exploding text. Sensory overload. We look at web design a little different. Web Design, to us, is only part of the whole picture - it's not the whole picture.

Web Design Problem 2 - "Design Means Nothing"

Yet other web development companies only focus on content. Optimize for the best results. Making the site productive is all that matters and they lose the visual experience altogether.

New Jersey web design project for NJ Church Without Borders

Over 1,000 web users surveyed found that 30% of the user's formed a negative perception about organizations with poorly designed web sites.

- Akamai Technologies Usability Study (2006)

If content matters most, why do I need design?

Content is highly important for Search Engines. They want to know what your about and how consistent your content is. Content is also important for the user. They have come for what you have to offer - either a service, information or products. Presentation will make the difference whether they decide to stay or leave. They need to feel comfortable with your site. They need to be secure in your knowledge of the offered service or product. Users want to feel that you care enough about them to make your site an enjoyable experience. Because there are a multitude of alternatives within a few clicks - why should they stay on your site?

Our Web Design Solution

We think the two work hand in hand. Like popcorn with a good film - unique, creative and attractive web design married with logical, clean and innovative web development create the best package. We also take the design factor a step further. Not only do we offer great custom web designs, we also tailor our designs to fit your preferences and company goals. The website designs we create are as much a reflection of how well we can work with our clients as it is our own creative limitations. We design with our clients, not simply for our clients.

Interested in professional website design? Contact us or give us a call at 574.534.8029

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